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Lesson objective:  I can use a question mark to ask a question.


Warm up:  Can you think of adjectives to describe the picture below? Adjectives are describing words. We use these to make our writing more interesting and to give more information to the reader, e.g. old, mean. 

I would like you to think about the lesson objective and what the words highlighted in bold mean?


Question _________________________________________________________________

We ask a question when we don’t know the answer or we would like to find out more about something. Questions can start with the words – what, why, who, how and when.  

Question mark ___________________________________________________________

A question mark looks like this - ? We put a question mark at the end of our sentence to show that we are asking a question.



Today we are going to begin writing our own fact file about the William Shakespeare.


In each lesson we will have our success criteria to follow. The success criteria are what I need to see in your work to see what you are learning whilst at home.


Success criteria:

  • Title – question  
  •  Picture


Thinking back to our example from yesterday can you remember what is the first thing we need for a fact file?

Fact files need a title. The title will tell us what or who the fact file is about. If we didn’t have a title we would not know what we were reading about. In our example we had a question for our title. Here is my example:

Who is William Shakespeare?   


I would like you to know now think about your title and what will your question be? Click on the link below to learn more about questions and question marks.

Next we are going to be thinking about what information we will need for the introduction - Who is William Shakespeare?

I have attached a link below which will tell you more about William Shakespeare.

CBeebies: Who is William Shakespeare?

Find out interesting facts about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Find out more about William Shakespeare and watch more clips from CBeebies' A Mi...

Task: Create a mind map of facts about William Shakespeare.

Here is my example: 

We will use the facts that you collect in tomorrow’s lesson when we write our introduction.


Remember you can send a picture of your writing to our class email. I look forward to seeing them!