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Monday 21st September 2020


L.O. I can identify features of a quest adventure.


This week in Literacy we are looking at the film 'Up'. Today in class we would have been watching the trailer to kickstart our week on quest adventure stories in order to write our own narratives. Today, I would like you to watch the trailer at home and then create your own journey map to show the features of a quest adventure story. These are:


  • Beginning
  • Build up
  • Problem
  • Resolution
  • Ending


You can complete this work a bit like a comic strip with a picture and then writing a short sentence to explain what is happening throughout the main characters adventure. In your writing I would like you to include a variety of openers and time conjunctions to show order. 


The success Criteria for this piece of work would be: 


  • Time conjunctions
  • Openers
  • Check sense
  • Punctuation


Please see attached link for trailer and document for pictures to help with each section of writing. Remember to email your good work over to me! I can't wait to see what you've completed at home! smiley