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Life Skills and Well-being

Life Skills


If you're looking for ideas to fill your days up that are not based around National Curriculum subjects, then please use some of these ideas below. They are here to support your child's life skills and emotional well-being during our current climate. As vital as curriculum subjects are, an understanding of how the world works is equally as important to your child's growth. 


- Learn some basic first aid. 

- Learn what it takes to run a house. Teach them about food shopping, cleaning, bills, mortgages/rent, cooking meals, washing and ironing. 

- Learn how to put their own clothes away, whether that's folding in drawers or hanging up on hangers. Include how to pair socks. 

- Learn how to manage time. Use a watch, alarm clock and daily planner to help children organise their time and complete tasks independently. 

- Learn how to manage money. Teach your child the cost of different items and how to save and budget money.

- Learn basic cookery skills. Assist and teach your child how to make simple meals. 

- Learn about recycling. 

- Learn how to use a map. 

- Learn about the emergency services and what you should do in an emergency.

- Learn about different jobs and the qualifications you need. Use this time to look ahead to the future and inspire. 

- Learn how to garden e.g. plant a seed or dig up weeds.

- Learn how to write a letter. 

- Learn how to plant a seed and watch it grow, caring for it as time goes on. 

- Practice how to wrap presents and write cards. 

- Learn basic home improvements: such as hanging curtains, changing a light bulb, hammering a nail or fixing something that is broken together. 

- Practice how to change and make a bed. 

Mental Health and Well-Being


We are currently in a rather strange, worrying time and this can affect our mental health and well-being along with our child's. These links are here to hopefully offer some support, activities and videos to boost morale and moods for everybody in your household. 


If you need further support with regards to COVID-19, please see the main school website for updates.