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Welcome to Foundation Stage. We consist of Starfish and Swordfish class. This year is an exciting and memorable year for all children. We encourage them to be independent learners, gaining confidence in all areas of school life.
Information about specific year:
Throughout the year we cover a range of topics. Through these topics we aim to make learning fun, stimulating and exciting. We encourage children's independence and help them to develop a desire for increased knowledge.
The topics that we will cover this year are:

  • Autumn 1 - All About Me
  • Autumn 2 - Celebrations
  • Spring 1 - Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes
  • Spring 2 – Mini-beasts and Habitats
  • Summer 1 – Holidays
  • Summer 2 – The Seaside


Teaching staff:
Our Foundation Stage team consists of Mrs Bird, Mrs Seacombe, Mrs Reidling and Mrs Smith, Mrs Wiltshire, Mrs Pearson. Our class MDA’s are Mrs Smith and Mrs Baker.
Termly theme:
This term in Foundation Stage we are focusing our learning on the stories of The Jolly Postman, followed by the Jolly Christmas Postman. The children will also be learning about the Nativity story in preparation for their performance. We have set up a post office in our role play area where children are experiencing writing, delivering and receiving letters and parcels. We will be working with the children during guided activities to write a letter which they will then address, post and receive at home. Our maths activities will be focused around 2D and 3D shape. Children will sort parcels and labels according to their shape properties.
Parents helping at home:
It is important that we work together to ensure that your child achieves the best that they possibly can. If you ever have any questions or queries please come and talk to us!  No question or query is too small or silly.
How to help your child at home:
Share books with your child, read to them and encourage them to read to you. Ask your child to point to each word and turn the page by themselves. Please also encourage children to look for familiar sight words, known sounds and tricky words in the text. It is just as important for children to refer to the pictures in the book.
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