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LO: I can edit and improve my writing


Warm up: Conjunctions with main clauses (co-ordinating conjunctions)

Conjunctions are words or phrases that join two parts of a sentence.

Co-ordinating conjunctions are conjunctions which can join together two main clauses.

You can remember them as the FANBOYS

For    And   Nor   But   Or    Yet   So


Write three sentences which contain a co-ordinating conjunction.

For example,

Heidi doesn’t like sausages, nor does she like peas.


Your Task

Today your task is to choose one or two sections of your story to edit and improve.

As a reminder, watch again, the two  BBC Bitesize videos about proofreading and redrafting techniques.


Editing and redrafting - Year 6 - P7 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


Use the feedback you have been given as well as the tips from the videos.


Remember to edit in a different colour so that we can easily see where changes have been made.


Success Criteria


Conjunctions (joining words)

Adverbs (gradually, happily)

Time conjunctions (Before lockdown, we could play in the park)

Fronted adverbials (Gradually, I began to feel much happier)



Neatly copy out the edited version and send it to me to display on the wall at school.


I have included my finished story for you to read.