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LO: I can plan and write the next paragraph including a heading


Warm up: causal conjunctions


Causal conjunctions are words and phrases which are used to introduce a cause, reason or explanation for a given action within a sentence. 

For example, 
Because William Shakespeare was so popular, many other playwrights became jealous. 

My car would not start consequently I was late for school.

I have spent all my money therefore I cannot buy you any biscuits today.

As a result
Due to the fact that
For this reason


Write four sentences which contain a causal conjunction.


Your Task


You are to plan and write your next subject specific section with the title: 


Shakespeare, the Playwright


I have highlighted on our skeleton the section we are writing today. 
Use the pdf files to help you gather the information you need to help you write.

Your writing should include the answers to these questions:


What is the name of the acting company that William partly owned?
What was making him rich?
How popular were his plays?
Who enjoyed watching his plays and why?
What types of plays did he write? 
Give some examples of the different types of plays he wrote.

Remember to follow the Success Criteria. 


I have written an example section which you can use to help you with sentence starters but do not copy. 


Give yourself 20 minutes to write and 5 - 10 minutes to edit. Read through your work and check it has everything in the success criteria. 


Success Criteria. 

Subheading (underlined)
Technical vocabulary
Time conjunctions
Causal conjunctions
Compound sentences 
Complex sentences.