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I can identify a narrative’s view point and key persuasive words and phrases


Introduction to lesson

Today we will be investigating how we write from different viewpoints. We looked at the story of the three little pigs yesterday. Traditionally it is always told from the viewpoint of the pigs, however the version we looked at was narrated by the wolf! Have a recap and think about how the wolf tries to make us believe his point of view. I have listed some reasons below that I think helped his case!

  • He uses evidence and reason
  • He captured my interest in his story
  • He led me to believe that what he says is agreed by everyone
  • He sounded really friendly
  • He tugged a little at my heart strings by making me feel sorry for him


Write down your views of the below questions:

  1. Did you believe him? If so why?
  2. How did the wolf change the original story?
  3. Which parts of the story really influenced your view?
  4. Could what he is saying be true?

Below is a video on persuasion. Have a watch and the attempt the main task which will need you to persuade in a short letter!

How to write persuasively with Friday Download

Main task

Read the letter below written by the Big Bad Wolf about Little Red Riding Hood.

Note down three ways that the Wolf has convinced or persuaded you of his argument.

Note down effective language that the Wolf used that you could magpie for your own argument writing next week. For example: Firstly, finally, rhetorical questions, In addition.

This piece is writing in first person and directly refers back to the issue throughout. It also has a clear introduction which introduces the topic up for discussion and conclusion which summaries the Wolf’s final opinion.

Today you will write a short letter using the Wolf’s ideas about removing little girls from the forest.

Use the structure and layout of the Wolf’s letter, you can even use his reasoning or add your own ideas of why little girls are so menacing in the forest! Think about using an online thesaurus to up level your persuasive vocabulary.