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Early Years Screen Free Time

Screen Free Challenge 25 


It's the last day of home learning today so our last screen free challenge! Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the challenges.



Your screen free challenge today is a simple one... to have some FUN. This might be going for a walk, playing a game, drawing, colouring, reading, cooking, it's up to you! 

Screen Free Challenge 24


Happy World Book Day! Why not celebrate with a World Book Day party! Dress up as your favourite book charatcer, make some book themed snacks, play some party games and then settle down with your favourite book when you're all partied out. 




Screen Free Challenge 23 


It's World Book Day tomorrow! Your screen free challenge today is to dress an item in your home up like a book character. You could use a paper plate, potato, stone, wooden spoon, cardboard box, lolly stick... the options are endless! After you've made your creation, why not use it to act out your chosen book?



Screen Free Challenge 22


Your screen free challenge today is to go on a walk and spot the first signs of Spring. Can you spot any flowers, buds, nests, birds singing, freshly cut lawn or bees? 

Screen Free Challenge 21


It's World Book Day on Thursday 4th March and we are going to be celebrating all week! Your screen free challenge today is to make a bookmark of your favourite book character. Why not put your bookmark to use today and read your favourite book!

Screen Free Challenge 20


Your screen free challenge today is to help an adult around the house. This might be washing up, putting some washing on, cooking, gardening, cleaning or changing a bed. You'll make your adult very happy and you might even learn a new skill!

Screen Free Challenge 19 


Your screen free challenge today is to do some junk modelling! Use recyclable materials to make something new. Send your teacher a photo of your creations. 

Screen Free Challenge 18


Your screen free challenge today is to go on a shape hunt! How many different shapes can you see around your home? Can you spot some shapes on your daily walk? 

Screen Free Challenge 17 


Your screen free challenge today is to go down to the beach and find a stone with a hole in it! Good luck!

Screen Free Challenge 16


Your screen free challenge today is to use an old sock to make a sock puppet! Can you use the puppet to act out some of your favourite stories? 


Screen Free Challenge 15


Snow Volcano


Your screen free challenge today is to cause a snowy eruption!


What you will need: 2 spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda, 1 spoonful of washing up liquid, a few drops of food colouring, 30ml vinegar, small container/jar and snow. 




1. Add everything except the vinegar to the container. 

2. Carefully make a volcano shape around the container using snow. 

3. Stand back and get ready! Add the vinegar and watch the eruption. If it doesn't work so well, add a bit more washing up liquid and vinegar and give it a good stir.


Screen Free Challenge 14 


Your screen free challenge today is to draw a large circle in the snow, this will be your target. After that, make lots of snow balls and try and see how many you can throw into the target. Challenge a parter to see who can get the most snowballs into the target!

Screen Free Challenge 13


Your screen free challenge today is to make a snow sculpture... but it can't be a snowman! Why not try to build an animal or a house? 

Screen Free Challenge 12


You're screen free challenge today is to practise writing your name in the snow. Can you challenge yourself even further and write your name with snowballs?

Screen Free Challenge 11 


I'm sure you can guess what today's screen free challenge is... it's to have some fun in the snow! We don't get snow often so wrap up warm and venture outside. Build a snowman, have a snow ball fight, make snow angels or just crunch through the snow. 




Screen Free Challenge Ten


It's day five of children's mental health week. Your challenge today is a simple one, do something (screen free) that makes you happy! This could be playing with your favourite toy, reading, drawing, crafts, cooking, spending time outside, playing games or just spending time with your family. Have a lovely day!

Screen Free Challenge Nine 


It's day four of children's mental health week. Your challenge today is to be active and get moving! Exercise can make us feel happier, give us more energy and help us sleep better. 


Your challenge today is to play musical statues! Get out your best dance moves, put on your favourite music and get moving! When the music stops, FREEZE.


Screen Free Challenge Eight


It's day three of children's mental health week. Your challenge today is to make and eat a healthy snack. Healthy foods can improve our mood, give us more energy and help us think more clearly. Enjoy your healthy snack!


Screen Free Challenge Seven


It's day two of children's mental health week. Your screen free challenge today is to be a positive thinker. A positive thinker is someone who looks for the good in every situation. Your challenge is to finish this sentence: 


Today is a good day because....



Screen Free Challenge Six


It's children's mental heath week this week, so your screen free challenge today is to start the week off with some fresh air! Fresh air can make us feel more energized. Go for a walk, play in the garden, take your bike or your scooter out or just sit outside and breathe in the fresh air. 


Screen Free Activity Five 


Your screen free challenge today is to act out your favourite story! 

What props can you find around the house?

What outfits could you use? 

Could you ask a sibling to play a character?

Screen Free Activity Four


Your screen free challenge today is to build a den!

Your den could be a great place for a quiet reading spot. 

Screen Free Activity Three


We are going to be moving and stretching our bodies for todays screen free challenge!


Spell your name!


What you will need: A piece of paper and a pen. 


How to Play: 


Think about the spelling of your name and write it down on a peice of paper. Look at the shapes created by each letter, some are straight, some are curvy and some are straight and curvy!


Can you re-create these letters with your body standing up? Can you recreate these letters with your body lying down on the floor?  


If you have a mirror, see how close you are to that letter!

Screen Free Activity Two


It's a frost day today! Brrrrr cold. 


You're challenge today is to go outside and see if you can find any animal tracks in the frost. 

Screen Free Activity One
Your first screen free challenge is to build the tallest tower you can! You could use building blocks, lego, recycled materials, a deck of cards or anything you can find around your house!