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Monday 22nd February 2021


This week I would like you to design and build a bug hotel. I’d like you to think about what natural objects you can use to build your hotel and which insect’s habitats are.


I have attached some photos to help you with your structure.




First I would like you to draw your ideas and design your bug hotel.

Then I would like you to collect different natural materials to put into your bug hotel.

After that I would like you to start building your hotel.

Lastly I would like you to take a photo and send to me va the class email or on tapestry. I would love to see your amazing creations.


When we return to school this is something I would like you to bring into school with you so we can hide them for all the insects in our outdoor environment.

Monday 8th February

This week we are exploring the Three Billy Goats Gruff in Literacy. In the story the goats try to cross the bridge guarded by the troll. For your challenge this week I would like you to try to make your own bridge. You can make this using any materials you like – you could even use marshmallows and spaghetti! Have a look at the pictures below for inspiration.


Once you have done this you could even draw or print pictures of the characters so that you could role play the story with your bridge.

Week beginning 25th January

Food Art

Have you ever heard of food art? Food art is when you present food in creative ways to make pictures or representations.


This week I would like you to make food art! I have attached some pictures below to inspire you. You could also search for food art online to get some more ideas.


I can’t wait to see what you create!

Week beginning Monday 18th January 2021

This activity is linked to our topic this half term ‘Transport’ and our big question ‘How has Transport changed over the years?’


Thinking about what you have learnt so far about transport and the different types of transport we see today to that of transport in the past.


Can you design and build your mode of transport using different materials in your home?


What could you use for the windows? Can you make the wheels go round?

Your challenge this week is to go outside and collect 10 different objects or materials. Then I would like you to consider how you could use these objects to create something. You could create a collage or picture using your objects or you could even use them to make natural paintbrushes and see what different marks you could make with them. I have attached some pictures below to give you some ideas.