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Week beginning 1st March 2021



It is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. It is a day where we share books and celebrate our love of reading. At Spring Meadow we are going to be celebrating World Book Day during the week of the 1st – 5th March.


Your challenge this week will be based on the book ‘Humpty Dumpty’ by Daniel Kirk.  You can watch the book being read below:


HUMPTY DUMPTY by Daniel Kirk | Story Time Pals | Kids Books Read Aloud

BestKidsBooks HUMPTY DUMPTY by author Daniel Kirk & illustrator Karla Firehammer, #KidsBooksReadAloud by your pal Amber! #FriendshipBooksForKidsPublisher :...


Your challenge this week is the ‘Humpty Dumpty Challenge’. You must find a way to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped from a height.


Watch this video for an example of some children doing this challenge:

EGG DROP CHALLENGE! Try not to break it!

Drop the egg from the third floor without it breaking! This science project is fun and helps students understand physics in a hands on way. Ethan, Justin and...

I would like you to use whatever materials you have at home to protect your egg from becoming broken! Here are some examples:

For an extra challenge, measure how high you can drop it without it breaking!


Good Luck and remember to send pictures via the class email!