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World Book day activities

The Worrysaurus

Here is a story by Miss Ramplin’s favourite children’s author, Rachel Bright. The story is called The Worrysaurus and whilst we have looked at this in school before, it is a fantastic book with an important message so is definitely worth looking at again.


Click the link below to listen to the story read by the author herself.



The Worrysaurus is all about acknowledging your worries and trying to set them free so that you can enjoy the moment. There have been lots of changes recently and things that might have made you a little worried like our Worrysaurus. We will be returning to school soon and this might make you feel a little worried too. So today I would like you to have a talk with your adult about anything that might be worrying you.


Can you be brave and draw a picture of your worry onto a butterfly like the one below so that you can try to set it free?



Word Search

Here is a world book day word search for you to complete. Can you read the words and then find them in the grid?