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Learning Objective: I can create art inspired by William Morris. 


I have highlighted some key words in the learning objective and I would like you to think about what these words mean.


Create _________________________________________________________


Inspired __________________________________________________________________


To create something means to make something.

To be inspired by something means that you are using something that has already been made to make your own version of it.


Last half term we were learning about William Morris and exploring the technique of printing. We have used a variety of different objects to make our prints.


Thinking back to pictures we have looked at before – what made William Morris’s artwork unique?


William Morris used the themes of flowers, plants and animals in his artwork. He would repeat the images in his art and these were often symmetrical or in a repeating pattern. William Morris also liked to use bright colours in his prints.


Main task:

For your main task, I would like you to create a piece of art inspired by William Morris in any shape or form you want!

You could create it in flour, you could bake something and arrange/decorate it in the style of William Morris, you could paint or draw it or you could even create it using things you find on your walk!


I would really like to see your finished art work so please do email me a picture to our class email!