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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


 Welcome to Shark Class Year 4, we work alongside Year 3 and share our topic work closely.

We have various adults that work within the class throughout the week and they are:
Class Teacher: Mrs Donegan
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Morrison (mornings only), Mrs Baker (mornings only) and
 Mrs Taylor (afternoons only)
Midday Assistant: Mrs Taylor

This is your child’s second year in Key stage 2 and it is often the year where children find the work gets much harder.  The expectation in year 4 is that they become much more independent in their learning as well as organising their equipment and taking responsibility themselves and their belongings.  They have targets in their books and the children clearly understand their level of learning within the key subjects of English and Maths, as well as being able to identify their targets and what they need to do to move their learning forwards.  We work on a two year cycle of topics and subjects and therefore during the autumn term this year in year 4 we will be studying a history based topic based around the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  This will be followed in the spring term by a geography based topic looking at the different Zones around the World and then finally in the summer term we will be looking at another history based topic, Ancient Egyptians, always a favourite with the children.  There will of course be trips and visits based on these topics throughout the year to help enhance the children’s learning and give them the hands on opportunities that can be hard to achieve in the classroom.
Your child’s learning does not finish at 3:15pm and a key part in your child’s learning will be that undertaken with you when completing their homestudy.  The homestudy each term is linked in closely with the topic your child is studying in school and they will have always had input and research time during lessons in school over the week to help them fully understand what is required.  In year 4 we do like the children to have had a go at the challenge set each week, as this just deepens their learning and understanding still further.  Homestudy is given out on a Monday and we do encourage all children to complete their homestudy, there is an after school club which any child in school can attend if you think this would help.

There are many other ways in which you can support your child at home as they are like sponges and will be soaking up information and knowledge from every experience.  Reading daily with you at home will have a big difference in their abilities and levels, learning to read fluently is achieved through regular practice and a daily 10 minutes with you can make huge impacts.  Remember to record when your child reads in their reading diary or they can record it themselves, it doesn’t have to be their school reading book if they are reading magazines, newspapers, or just a different book at home we would love to hear about it, so please record it.  Don’t forget our school library has a lending service and is open daily after school until 4:00pm use it; find books that interest your child and share them together either in the library or at home.  We also have the fantastic opportunity of taking part in Keep on Reading again in year 4 this is great fun and is where you are asked to read to your child and therefore a chance for your child to see you reading and enjoying a book, which is very important.  Reading to your child is so important even when they can read fluently themselves they still need to be able to listen to and hear the difference in expression as well as using their comprehension skills to determine what they are listening to: a great skill to have and to be able to develop. 
Encouraging your child to write is always a good thing and we are always very keen to see and share their writing from home so maybe encourage them to keep a diary or write a newspaper report or recount if you go on a day out.  Again the key is practise the more we write the better we will become.
Other areas you could do at home include practising those key maths skills such as mental maths being able to add and take away mentally a key skill, also times tables these can be done whenever you have a few minutes but will benefit their learning for life.

Remember if you have any concerns or questions please make an appointment to see Mrs Donegan, we are all working hard to ensure your child have a good educational experience in year 4 and that they make progress in all areas of the curriculum as well as developing as a person.

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