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25th January 2018



Mia for creating a story map about Goldilocks and the Three Bears independently and sharing it with her friends smiley

Joseph, Barbora, Shayn & Charlie for fantastic writing about what they would take on a picnic !



Solomon, Lola, Lucy, Fleur, Ethan, Rucy - for all their fantastic work they have done this week linked to Chinese New Year  no



McKenzie for his amazing effort that he puts in to work every day !!

Jacob B & Hollii for reading at home every night this week.

Finley for his improvement of his letter formation. 

Christian for his improvement and focus in Lteracy 



Archie for his attitude and effort with his reading in FFT smiley  Keep it up !!

Holly, Amy D, Ethan for their fantastic improvement in their Phonics test scores, keep up the hard work !!



Jason for always tidying up the class and always doing the right thing. 

Sidney for trying so hard to sound out all of her words when writing - a massive improvement !!



Logan for trying hard with his extra homework.

Grace W, Poppy, Matilda, Phoebe, Luke for always being ready to learn. 

Maya for being inspired by our creative writing to write her own stories at home no

Lily for her fantastic sketch.

Charlie for progress in writing.

Logan for completing extra homework to improve his handwriting and literacy skills smiley



Jessee for settling in well smiley

Emily for modelling good manners everyday, Well Done !!

Thomas for not giving up when turning improper fractions in to mixed numbers no

Nicky for his work classifying organisms.



Archie - 100% effort in Maths !!  A fraction expert no

Riley, Lacey, Rhianna, Olivia, Charlie, Harvery, Kiera, Caiomhe, Hayley, Kobe, Millie, Owen and Ryan - Most Progressed in Arithmetics. 

Steven and Josh - 100% Full Marks !!


18th January 2018



Lola, Lucy, Dollie-Rose, Fleur - for their fantastic story maps for 'The Three Little Pigs' the girls showed great teamwork when creating these. 

Heath for being a kind and helpful member of the class. 



Teddy for his brilliant story writing in Literacy.

Jacob B & Nevaeh for their topic writing on Captain Cook.

Kasper for his brilliant reading at home.


Coral Class

Alfie - for all of his hard work in Phonics and work boxes smiley  Keep it up!



Albie B and Frankie for trying so hard when learning the column method for subtraction. 

Kane for trying so hard in Phonics.



Bethany W & Megan R - both always on task and willing to improve!!  smiley



Poppy, Abigail, Liam, Isabel and Lily-May for writing a really impressive and persuasive letter.

Habeeb and Poppy for fabulous work on time and having a good understanding of the concept. 



Nicky and Ruby for confidently working through division problems, Well Done !!no

Gerrard for consistently doing the right thing and persevering when things get difficult.  Well Done !!



Leila for an outstanding piece of writing on Percy Jackson. 

Ewan & Jack for perfect scores in the Arithmetic League. 


Arithmetic League Top Scorers - Steven, Zak, Kiera & Rhianna.

Most Progress - Rhianna, Calum, Macey, Owen, Nicole & Harvey.

Caiomhe & Riley for a great effort all round!  and for impressing Mrs P  no





Max & Riley for making a fantastic start in their new class! smiley

Logan, Sofia & Ruby for fantastic independent sentence writing!!



Jesse for being a king and helpful member of the class. He puts 100% effort in to all that he does. 

Aodhan, Ethan and Georgina for practising their wordboxes at home every week smiley



Roxanne and Ruby-Summer for being kind friends and supporting each others learning. 

Albert, Sienna, Belle & Kelsey for completing their homework smiley



Archie, Aden, Ethan & Jake for their quick Mental Maths !!



Josh for putting 100% effort in to every lesson and reading at home smiley



All children for a great start to the new term.



Harrison for reading over 100 times at home!! smiley

Georgie for focused independent writing. 



Owen, Bailey, Olivia, Ben, Macey, Imogen and Anna for improving be at least 6 in mental arithmetic.