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Please, Please, Please – we must park responsibly around our school.
Once again we have been approached by some of our neighbours regarding parking around the school.  Our areas of concern are as follows:
  • The Driveway opposite the Key Stage 1 entrance is clearly signposted ‘KEEP CLEAR’, this access is used by a disabled driver who is seriously ill and requires access at all times.
  • The Ramp leading to the houses and Alleyway to Parkeston Road, please do not park in front of these houses or across the ramp, access is required at all times by the residents.
  • The Entrance to the School Car Park, please do not park in front of the gates as this interrupts the footpath and means our children have to walk in the road.
  • The Yellow ‘Zig Zag’ area in front of the school, this is a ‘CLEARWAY’ and ‘NO WAITING ZONE’, doing so causes a serious hazard when our children are entering and exiting the school grounds and crossing the road to meet parents or make their way home.
Please be responsible and do not cause an obstruction or hazard outside our neighbours properties or our school.  Remember everyone including our school may require ‘Emergency Access’ at any point during the day. 
Your help and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Yours sincerely
L Gildea - Headteacher