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Our children are noted in our Golden Book for all manner of achievements and these are recognised by Ms Gildea  in School Assemblies.  Have a look here to see who has been recognised so far this year!


 Week beginning 16th December 2013

Gerrard, Rhianna, Frankie & Lewis – Jellyfish Class
Always helpful, always working hard, always smiling!
Year 5/6 are our ‘Readers of the Month’
Flynn, Ajay, Nicole & Courtney – Puffin Class
Always trying their best and being helpful and kind to all.
Coral Class – 
All of Coral Class for a fantastic first term!  You have all worked so hard and have been a pleasure!
Week Beginning 2nd December 2013
Samuel & Kian – Shark Class

We have noticed they have made a ‘Big Effort’ to turn their lunchtimes in to positive times.  Well done boys!!
Week Beginning 25th November 2013
Brooklynne – Starfish Class

Excellent confident acting in the Christmas Play!
Coral Class –
Josh R
Excellent focus during guided reading!  Use of phonics to decode.
Excellent use of phonics to decode and read some very tricky words: so fluent!
Massive improvement in reading – Well Done !
Kayleigh, Brooke, Jessica-Jane, Ajay and Jacob – Puffin Class
Amazing improvement at swimming!!!
Charlie – Shark Class
For always working hard in class.
Turtle Class
Wow!  - A fantastic improvement in reading confidence – Well Done !
Week Beginning 11th November 2013
Alfie – Turtle Class 

A challenge during bookshare – to write a receipt for his own ice-cream of ‘Raving Raspberry’!  Alfie is always up for a challenge.
Week Beginning 4th November 2013
Dane – Starfish Class

For taking part and talking about what he was doing with Mrs Riedling outside.
Faith – Jellyfish Class
For working at home on her sounds.
Coral Class
Chloe – for always giving 100% in everything!!
Kayleigh, Lexie & Millie – for looking after Chloe and including her in their game and adapting to suit her.
Steven – fantastic Maths work!!
Sharks Class
Holly - For always having a smile and working hard in all lessons
Turtle Class
Jack D & Peter – Wow! Amazing questioning of each other’s Maths knowledge.
KS2 Homework Club 
A Big Thank you from Mrs Hunter & Mrs Kioussis for working so hard and being so nice!!  You make it a pleasure!
Breakfast Club
We have had 3 very wet days and had to use the ICT suite – Thank you to all of the children for being sensible and helpful.

Week Beginning 21st October 2013

Starfish Class

Taylor for great tidying up and Isabel for being a very good friend.

Jellyfish Class
Jesse for fantastic sounding out and spelling during Literacy.
Kian & Misha for good explaining skills during Maths.

Coral Class
Zak, Josh H, Steven & Leila for helping others in Literacy today.

Sharks Class
Nathan E - for a fantastic attitude to all classwork and for independently using his lunchtimes to complete his homework.
Stash - for outstanding homework that is always completed.

Seahorse Class
Leo Langford - fantastic effort with homework.

Dolphin Class
An excellent first half term to whole class, I've enjoyed coming in to school !!  Special mention to William for winning our weekly award the most - Mr Pallett.

Turtle Class
Wow!  We have had all the Homestudy in for this half term!!

Week Beginning 14th October 2013

Puffins Class

Jake W - Viking Helmet homework.
Fin, Tristan, Ben, Kye & Oliver - fantastic homework every week on time.

Turtle Class
Jack D - Wow! Brilliant Mathematician, very impressed by by Jack's use of written methods.

Week Beginning 7th October 2013

Starfish Class

Jamie - for being really helpful at tidy-up time.

Thomas for always being helpful and kind especially at tidy-up time.

Coral Class
Hayley - excellent focus in letters and sounds and excellent reading!

Puffin Class
Jessica-Jane - for always doing the right thing and always being willing to help.

Seahorse Class
Lewis - fantastic use of embedded clauses - very impressed!
Joshua - a very positive attitude to reading and making a real effort to improve.

Dolphin Class
Kerys - for how hard she is working in all areas.
Jay - for his work with Mr P in Maths.

Turtle Class
Jack D - Wow! Numeracy star - working out his won method for finding 18 times table!  & for great spelling activities.
Chanel - fantastic supportive partner in Numeracy - sharing knowledge and methods, Well Done!
Ruby & Kieron - Amazing Poetry writing.

Week Beginning 30th September 2013

Starfish Class

Leon - for being helpful.
Eve - for being very kind.

Coral Class
Kobe - for being so polite.

Puffin Class
Ciarian - for always being willing to help others.

Sharks Class
Charlie for always working hard.
Ellie for a fantastic attitude towards school.


Seahorse Class
Nicola & Alisha - for always doing their best at everything!

Dolphin Class
Jack & Kaitlyn - for their excellent PE - especially in Cross Country.

Turtle Class
Jack B - Wow!  Amazing re-telling of a Greek Myth.

Year 5/6 monthly Top Readers -
Leo L, Tegan, Katie C

Week Beginning 23rd September 2013

Starfish Class

The Whole Class for a fantastic start to school - Well Done!

Jellyfish Class
Harrison - for working hard particularly in letters and sounds.
Gerrard - for always being ready to listen and learn.

Coral Class
Lexie - being enthusiastic over her work.
Leila - arriving on time in the morning for guided reading - keep it up !

Puffin Class
Kye - for always trying his best and working extremely hard in all lessons.

Sharks Class
Molly C and Maisie M - for being good friends at playtimes and helping our new class member Victoria to settle in.

Seahorse Class
Ebonie - fantastic attitude, always positive, Well Done!

Dolphin Class 
Daniel - for his excellent homework.
Ellys - for an excellent attitude to school.

Turtle Class
Marvin, Kyle, Ben, Jacob, Charlotte and Emily -  Wow!  Fractions, fantastic investigation.

Week Beginning 16th September 2013

Coral Class
Albie - always doing the right thing.
Kaine - for being very settled and working hard.
Cairan - excellent start in Coral Class!

Puffin Class
Whole class - for making Madison feel welcome.
Jake & Oliver B - for being really grown up at lunchtime and making up.

Seahorse Class
Jay - Wow, fantastic start to homestudy, excellent presentation and also completed 5 tasks from our reading challenge - keep it up! 
Freya - Wow, what a story!  Fantastic language and ideas.

Dolphin Class
Tegan, Ellys and William for a fabulous start to homestudy!

Turtle Class
Ben, Jacob, Charlotte and Emily - for Division Challenges and a great start to their work.

Week Beginning 9th September 2013

Jellyfish Class

Anna - for bringing in extra work from home and showing real enthusiasm.

Coral Class
Candice - great work during comprehension.
Romeo, Oliver & Leila - excellent attitude towards their work.

Sharks Class
Samuel - a very good start to the term and an excellent work attitude.
Ashley - for working hard at swimming today.

Seahorse Class
Isabella - Fantastic effort in her Maths sessions - keep it up !

Dolphin Class
Another excellent week all round!
Tegan - for excellent attitude and enthusiasm in English.
Daniel - for excellent attitude and enthusiasm in Maths.

Turtle Class
Alex - WOW! - An impressive start, keen to learn and even helping others to do their homework at lunchtime. 
Ethan - Another great learner, supportive of others and keen to share his ideas.

Week Beginning 2nd September 2013

Jellyfish Class

Frankie - for being a good friend to Robson and helping him settle in.

Coral Class
Excellent start everyone - Well Done!

Puffin Class
Brilliant start to Year 3.  All children have worked very hard and have settled in really well.

Sharks Class
Excellent start by the whole class.
Very impressed by Tyler G for excellent mornings.
Nathan E - for being a good friend to Tyler.

Seahorse Class
All the Class for an excellent start.
Zak for being really helpful and supportive.

Dolphin Class
Excellent start to the new term!  Congratulations and keep it up !

Turtle Class
Well Done everyone on a good start to the New Term!