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Our children are noted in our Golden Book for all manner of achievements and these are recognised by Ms Gildea  in School Assemblies.  Have a look here to see who has been recognised so far this year!

Week ending 26th November

Turtle Class

Nathan E for completing his times tables passport, Gold & Silver - 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11  
Malwina - for sharing ideas during shared writing using her Polish dictionary  
Max C - for working hard at home in his creative writing journal, this is extra work every day !! 
Taye - amazing literacy!  

Jellyfish Class
The whole class - for looking after our new girls - Blessing !! 
Rio - amazing homework and sharing !!
Lucy - Number bands work to 20 !!  Wow!!  

Coral Class 
Mollie, Maya, Brooklynne, Alesha, Leia Matilda, Eve and Taylor - for their fantastic baking challenge Homestudy - that all of Coral class got to enjoy  
Liam, Holly, Lily & Leon for their numeracy work of finding fractions of numbers, this including finding 2/4, 3/4  

Puffin Class 
Harrison - brilliant homework !!  
Owen - for 100% effort with his behaviour.

Starfish Class 
Frankie & Skye - fantastic attitude towards learning their sounds in letters and sounds sessions, they are on their way to becoming super readers!! 

Seahorse Class 
Good Maths from Millie, Harvey, Leia & Kayleigh  
Pacey - for having an excellent attitude to learning and giving his best work in Maths & Literacy 
Romeo - for working really hard to improve his presentation.

Week ending 20th November 

Starfish Class

Elsie - for fantastic reading!! Reading every day at home and wanting to read every day at school to an adult.  Elsie can already read 'tricky' words and words with diagraphs. 
Alby, Frankie & Tobias for trying hard to hear sounds in their words and attempting to write them
Harry for fantastic number recognition and formation when working with chalks in the playground. 

Jellyfish Class
Lucy - doing extra work in maths, ordering numbers to 30 independently.
Amira - sharing her good ideas for speech bubbles in our Peter Pan literacy work.  
Archie & Amy for progress in reading - well done !! 

Coral Class 
Lily-May - for taking a grown-up approach and for always being willing to help others. 
Grace W - for her fantastic improvement and new confidence in reading, it is lovely to see 

Puffin Class 
Ben for having a great first week at Spring Meadow and settling in very well.  
Kiera & Owen - for improved concentration and effort !!

Swordfish Class 
Whole Class for making Charlie S feel very welcome and helping him to settle in  
Noah J - for feeling more able to come in to school and enjoying his time in class. 

Dolphin Class
Kayleigh, Joe and Kayden for working hard in their groups.  

Seahorse Class 
Archie, Chloe & Jessica - for making a big improvement in their presentation 

Shark Class 
Kobe - for working so hard on his writing as well as continuing to be a Maths Star!!!
Joshua H - a much more settled week - Well Done !

Week ending 13th November

Breakfast Club - a massive thank you to Jake U, Nathan & Holly who are a fantastic help every time they attend, I really appreciate all that they do - Mrs Roling.

Playleaders - Tyler & Nathan, I stood and watched the boys entertaining Foundation children, it is clear that they are a welcome addition.  

Turtle Class
Max H & Max G - Fantastic maths investigation and both were able to explain what they had discovered using maths vocab - brilliant!!
Molly & Jake - also amazing !!  
Felicia & Sophie - an amazing investigation using maths dominoes and explaining to each other patterns found using mathematical vocab.  Very impressive attitude - Mrs H 
Ashlee - We were completely amazed when she read the introduction to our Book Share - I have never heard anyone read with such expression, tine and personalised voices in Y6 before!!

Seahorse Class
Harvey - for doing a fantastic piece of topic work independently .  
Whole Class for the way they have made Chloe welcome, Chloe has given 100%  - Wow!!

Puffin Class
Mrsa Havord is very impressed with Bailey and Crystal for their work ethic in all subjects, Well Done & Keep it Up !! 
Harrison has made a fantastic Anglo Saxon house as part of his homework, when I spoke to Harrison about his brilliant work he explained to me that he waited until our trip to West Stow for real inspiration - Well Done !!!!

Coral Class
Charlie for his focus and new attitude towards his learning this week - keep it up !
The whole class for their fantastic salt dough bread making, some very impressive roll shapes  

Starfish Class 
Fantastic understanding about our Topic of Diwali, able to ask and answer questions about the festival.
Amy D - fantastic concentration in all activities this week, Amy made an elephant for our Topic!
Ocean, Azara & Josh for their lamp making 
Jensen - a beautiful Rangoli pattern in ICT  

Swordfish Class 
Ellie & Alfie for their lovely writing about Diwali, they have tried really hard to hear all the sounds in the words. 

Week ending 6th November 

Seahorse Class  

Whole class for good behaviour and excellent listening skills shown in introduction to West Stow Visit.   
Kaine for excellent learning and working attitude  

Turtle Class 
Sophie - Mathematical Superstar!!  Wow - Sophie has achieved 6 steps progress already, she is determined to succeed!!
Nathan & Tyler - Brilliant perimeter investigation - able to explain their finding too!
Danny & Max for their rhythmic poetry !

Puffin Class 
Whole class for great behaviour at West Stow and on the coach journey !!  
Kiera for her hard work on her Europe Top Trumps  

Dolphin Class  
Joe S - for working hard and trying his best in all lessons all the time!
Maddy - for her Greek Myth/Fireworks hybrid picture.    

Jellyfish Class 
Rio & Joanne for improvement in Reading - super effort and attitude  
Jimmy for an improved effort and attitude to his learning 

Coral Class 
Wow!! to Logan he has been on fire this week!  Really switched on and ready to learn - keep it up 

Starfish Class   
Elsie for sounding out and writing "Bang" to describe her firework going off !!! 
Aden & Frankie & Joshua - fantastic helpers at tidy up time  

Swordfish Class  
Oliver for his amazing 'potion making' homework - fantastic work Oliver !!
Charlie C-A for his fantastic attitude to learning this week, he has been really busy with all activities and has worked really hard in Letters and Sounds 
Week Ending 22nd October 

Seahorse Class 

Georgie & Harvery - fantastic numeracy session making a number line on fabric 
Archie, Steven & Romeo for working super quick on their number bands. 

Turtle Class  
Back to the Future Gadget Design - Sam, Maisie & Holly - well done  
Tyler, Nathan, Lachlan, Danny & Matthew - VCOP word mats !!

Shark Class  
Owen H, Cairan, Zak & Jorja - particularly pleasing progress in recorder lessons !! 
Hayley has worked so hard on her handwriting - incredible progress  
Imogen, Jorja, Preston, Owen H - sustained effort across whole curriculum this term and great role models for attitude and behaviour   

Starfish Class  
Luke & Jayden - really focused during their Maths activity using numicon to make bread numbers 
Mia & Alby  - fantastic Maths language and enthusiasm during our Mud Kitchen learning

Puffin Class  
Lucy for working really hard to improve her understanding of place value in Maths 
Charlie & Kian for having a go at difficult things and persevering, especially in reading  

Dolphin Class 
Kye for his Maths test result -
Finn for his Spelling test result -
Jessica-Jane for her SPAG test result  

Coral Class 
Jamie, Leia & Taylor for their excellent progress so far this term  

Jellyfish Class 
Chloe H for progress in writing
Hollie R for progress in reading
Amy for her progress in Maths  

Swordfish Class 
Lucas for his continuing effort in Letters and Sounds, he always rises to the challenge, Well Done !! 

Year 5/6 Support Group
Kian -  fabulous writing,  Kayleigh - for her work in Maths,  Josh/Cameron - for their enthusiasm completing work,  Kayden for fab words during vocabulary warm-up  
Ellie - for fantastic unaided writing which she read to class using excellent expression !!
Week Ending 16th October 

Starfish Class 
Great singing and dancing efforts during our assembly practise - Jailea, Jayden & Skye  
Chelsea for a fantastic attitude towards her reading this week - keep it up  

Swordfish Class  
Cahrlie, Alivia, Isobel, Lily & Megan - for their fantastic Art Work.  They have been busy making Harvest Festival Banners  
Harry & Alfie for being a really good friend when it was most needed, I am proud of you boys !!  

Jellyfish Class  
Logan & Bethany for their super Shape Poems  
The whole class for their effort in our class assembly  

Turtle Class  
For the second week running Joshua H is a Maths wizard!  Times table Terrific!!  

Seahorse Class  
Owen - Wow! what an amazing Viking ship, a big Well Done  

Tag Rugby - whole squad for effort and skills development  

Week Ending 9th October 

Starfish Class  

Elsie, Jensen, Alfie, Alby & Ruby - fantastic Clay Faces  
Ocean for always being helpful and doing the right thing, all adults have noticed this positive behaviour  
Harry always gives 100% to any task/activity, is always happy & smiling, a pleasure to have in class  

Puffin Class  
Whole Class for their hard work and efforts this week, A Big improvement!! Well done Puffins  
Gerrard - well done for being our 'Star of the Day' three times already this term, you always give 100% in everything you do and are a credit to Puffin Class  

Shark Class  
Calum & Owen H - Well done for your presentation of work 
Jorja & Cairan - good progress and attitude in Maths  
Zak - great computing skills  

Swordfish Class 
Well Done to all of my 10 Foundation Stage children, I have been very impressed with how you have settled and got busy with your learning !! You are all superstars  

Coral Class  
Well Done to Cayden for reading lot's at home to Mum, you are a superstar  

Dolphin Class  
Tristan for his excellent attitude of wanting to ask questions and find things out.
Jamie & Toby for their good work in English on our biography work on Neil Armstrong  

Jellyfish Class  
Strawberry group for practising so hard for our class assembly, Well Done !!  

Week Ending 2nd October 

Seahorse Class 

Archie - fantastic effort when doubling numbers, completed his group and also top groups!  
Georgie & Harvey - fantastic work in Letters & Sounds  
Whole class were absolutely fantastic while Mrs Villiers was out, an enormous Thank you !!!

Swordfish Class  
Alfie & Connor - fantastic literacy work when using their sight to spy pictures and label them 
Well done to Ellie who is always challenging herself to make her work bigger and better! Superstar  

Jellyfish Class  
Chloe B, Archie & Amira - for making extra effort in homework!  
Rio for making a big effort in Maths  &  Karxayha for working hard with his group  

Coral Class 
Leia, Holly, Maya & Luke - fantastic sound collector poems - they have really thought about the use of verbs  
Sian & Jessica for always trying their best and doing the right thing  
Thank you to the whole class for working so hard while Miss Mack was not here  

Sharks Class  
Oliver P & Preston-Lee have both worked so hard to finish all tasks and have not been afraid to take on the challenge of more difficult tasks  
Calum P really impressive Maths attitude and willingness to learn.

Dolphin Class 
Joe S, Kayden & Kayleigh for working hard in Mrs Lawrence's group 
Alex N for being a superstar for MRs Kioussis and Mrs Cully!
Ben & Kye for being really sensible while working independently in Year 2  

Week Ending Friday 25th September
Breakfast Club - great team work making the aquarium.  

Seahorse Class  
Archie - fantastic weaving ! 
Olivia, Kayleigh & Georgie for a great start with their homework.

Sharks Class   
Sinead & Imogen - for progress in written work, impressively focused.
Owen H & Jorja - superb attitude and progress with multiplication. 

Puffin Class   
Liam B, Ryan T & Charlie for their 'Viking Longhouses' made as a homework task.
Ryan T - for being sensible and quiet in the lunch line - a great example to others - from the Kitchen Staff.

Jellyfish Class  
Amira, Logan & Chloe H - amazing Homework !!!!
Charlie R - for extra effort in Maths.
Raymond - for his ideas and sharing well in our 'senses' work.  

Turtle Class 
Sophie - Wow! Fantastic change in attitude to everything 

Dolphin Class  
Jake W - for having a mature attitude to his learning.
Jessica-Jane for always getting her head down & working hard! 

Coral Class 
Shayleigh - for all of the extra work she has been doing at home !  

Swordfish Class 
Alfie - for having a fantastic week! He has been super busy with all his learning and has been listening to all instructions given by adults - he has been a great role model to the class. 

Week Ending Friday 18th September

Turtle Class
antastic effort from whole class - Reading 'selfie' bookmarks - Thank you for sharing the idea Miss Mack!

Coral Class
The whole class for their brilliant effort with their work this week - We have started a scrapbook for the year!
Jamie W for trying his best all week and having a much happier attitude  

Puffin Class
A big 'Welldone & Welcome' to Riley who is new to our class and has settled really well.
Children's self-portraits - they really took care and looked closely at themselves in the mirror to get things just right!   
Rhianna & Tyler - both children have made a fabulous first impression - always listening and eager to learn.

Seahorse Class
The whole class for focusing really well during our Maths games lessons.
Leila, Gracie, Olivia, Owen & Jack - super start to Year 4, hard working and always polite.
Harvey - Well done it took time but you did not give up on rounding numbers to 10 !!
Millie & Kayleigh - fantastic homework.
Owen R - fantastic sewing at Club !!
Jack Z - an outstanding French lesson - so impressed by your effort !! 

Jellyfish Class
Welcome to Karzayah & Millie who have settled well in to their new class.
Supper effort from Jessica & Finlay in Maths.
For being responsible - Millie, Abbie & Charlie B.
Amy, Callum, Abby & Logan - always polite and being good role models. 
Callum & Archie for making a big effort to settle in to their learning - Well Done Boys !!

Swordfish Class
Rylie - for settling well in to our school, you have made lots of friends and been a great help in class.
Tayan, Alfie, Casey-Jaye & Tami-Leigh for always doing the right thing - Well Done!!
A big 'Welldone' to Megan for always doing the right thing and being a friend to all our new Foundation Stage children.   

Sharks Class
Owen T, Zak, Imogen, Rosie & Josh - continued consistent effort and achievement in Maths for
past 2 weeks.
Melanie, Sinead & Hayley - super start to Year 4, polite cheerful and working so well!!  

Dolphin Class
Ajay - settled in well, working hard!
Nicole - a delight to have in the class and working as hard a she can.
Courtney - for outstanding effort with her homework!