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2012-2013 Pupil Premium

2012 - 2013 Pupil Premium Expenditure of £60,000 + £1,900 additional + £400 additional
Action Budget suggested Budget Committed
Allocation to support Behaviour/Learning Mentor budget to purchase resources £100 £100
Allocation to SEN budget to purchase specific resources for children with SEND £250 £250
Allocation to Breakfast Club to subsidise attendance of children from low income families £3000 £3000
Additional LSA support and 1 -1 support
£40,000 £40,000
Extra LSA SUPPORT in Foundation Stage to provide improved teacher/pupil ratio for under 5s £5000 £5000
EWO fees to support school to improve attendance
£846 £846
Allocation to Swimming fees to support more vulnerable groups
£500 £500
Allocation to Foundation to upgrade area, to provide a good start, linked to areas of development identified in last OFSTED
£2000 £2000
Additional LSA hours in Upper KS2 to support specific intervention and booster classes £1321 £1321
Additional LSA hours to support reading in Upper KS2 to narrow the gap £1085 £1085
Additional LSA hours to support early numeracy development with Year 2 pupils to narrow the attainment gap £461 £461
E P Services £1035 £1035
Allocation to support a small group for reading with a qualified teacher £9807 £5877
Allocation to support development of fine and gross motor skills £825 £825
TOTAL        £62,300